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What can I do with the app?

School Gateway is your school’s app available on Android, iOS and the web. It’ll work on phones tablets, laptops and even smart watches.

Your school can decide which services they’d like parents to access with it.

When you log into the app, each of the services your school provides will appear in a list for you to choose from.

Below are some examples of the services your school might provide on School Gateway.

Monitor attendance and receive reports

Check your child’s attendance record and submit explanations for any absences.

Receive notifications for achievements and behaviour.

Get the latest progress reports sent directly to your School Gateway account.

Easy access to all the information you need

Parents and students can check their latest lesson timetable.

Access your school’s links to homework, calendars, latest news or parents evening booking within School Gateway.

Two-way messaging through the app

If your school uses our messaging service, you can use School Gateway instead of receiving texts or printed letters from school.

App messages cost nothing to send so using the app helps your school save money by cutting down on bulk texts and printing.

It also makes it easier for school to confirm messages have been received and you can reply right away through the app.

Book school trips and club sessions

If your school uses our club management service, you’ll be able to access this through School Gateway too.

View your school’s clubs, check available sessions on a calendar, then book the sessions you want.

You can also view upcoming school trips and secure your child’s place.

Cashless payments

If your school uses our payments service, you’ll be able to use School Gateway to pay for school dinners, clubs, trips, uniform and more.

This means you won’t have to queue up at the school office or send your children into school with cash envelopes to pay for trips.

You can use credit/debit cards, Bank Transfer or PayPoint from more than 28,000 shops.

Track your payment history and receive either digital or printed receipts from your school.

Digital pocket money for young people

nimbl is an award-winning app and prepaid debit card, which gives you the tools to help your children learn about money.

With nimbl, you stay in control as your children learn to spend and save responsibly. Set up pocket money, parental controls and top up instantly.

It’s the new and easy way to pay pocket money and teach your children good money habits.

Find out more about nimbl


Safe and secure, always

School Gateway is a safe and secure way to stay connected with your school. All communication is protected behind a pin code that you set yourself.